Recycle On-Demand BIN

ROBIN or Recycle On - demand BIN is a reverse vendo system that accepts recyclables such as PET bottles and tin cans in exchange with rewards. Since discipline is lacking among people, we offer motivation through rewards for them to be environmentally responsible.

Trash for Rewards!

The bin's reward system is customizable such as typical coins or access to charging system or WiFi or a more exciting points that can be converted to products from our partner retailers. Our partners may vary from fast food chains, convenient stores, malls, grocery shops, resorts and others who would like recycling to be part of their Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR). Imagine, exchanging a couple of PET Bottles for a cheese burger meal or a 1 - day pass in a resort.


Trash Collecting Center and Bins

See the nearest collecting center and bins near you at a glance from any device.

View your Rewards

Automatic text and email notification to make sure users always up to date in changes and promotions.

You'll Love it

You'll Love It, awesome community awaits. Not just earning discounts you'll earn also awareness about our environment.

Earn Rewards and Discounts

You will find awsome rewards and deals while saving our environment.

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